Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Maternity Wear

Still being new to all this maternity gear business, I don't claim to know much but in the event that this can help someone else, I do want to share some of my favorite finds thus far!
My maternity style up to this point has been more of the "fitted so you can see there's just a growing bump there" as opposed to "tent/mumu like items that cause others to assume I've just gotten huge".
I really haven't purchased a lot of maternity items, but I do keep an eye out for good deals and try to check things out when Gap and Old Navy have 40% off (and free shipping, duh) codes and such.
I've learned that for me anyways, good maternity items have been hard to find. That's, in part, due to the fact that I really don't want to spend big bucks on items that will get worn for such limited periods of time.
I've also found that a lot of maternity items fit WEIRD! Like the pants are sometimes made of strange swishy material that reminds me of wind breakers, or they're really large in places other than the belly bump area. Dresses seem to run big and tops really long.
I've already waxed poetic about the wonders of the belly band.
 (and will continue to do so until the day comes that I can comfortably button normal jeans again : ) HA!)
These Gap Pure Body Long Sleeve T's are awesome.
They're comfy, a good length and  have a little ruching on the sides that's both super flattering and is what helps them stay flat to your body at the bottom. (rather than gap away from your body under the bump)
Destination Maternity had a good online sale and I picked up a few basic shirts; nothing fancy- I've just found that maternity styles do tend to be more flattering than "normal" shirts.
I bought this Gap metallic sweater with a great coupon code for holiday wear and loved the way it fit.
I have two pair, they're both size 4, short and seem to have the exact same description but one pair fits like ankle length slim leg jeans, and the other pair more like skinny jeans that I wear with boots and such. I love them both and the price tag (wait for good coupon codes!) could not be beat.

I picked up some black ankle pants (maternity) from in the early days of pregnancy before I needed them (huge sale) so I'm excited to pull those out once it's warm enough to be able to wear cropped pants and heels again!
I recently ordered a pair of Maternity Old Navy khakis with my ON Super Cash and while they do kind of have that funky below-the-front-panel-pooch that I've been hating in maternity things I've tried on- I like the actual khaki material, good fit through the behind and legs and the length, so I'm going to keep.
I recently had to replace my bar work pants as the poor little metal clasp finally bit the dust after months of me straining it to the max. (fortunately this happened during the washing/drying process and not mid-shift!), so I picked up a pair at Target last weekend, Liz Lange Maternity, and while  not the fanciest material, I must admit are a pretty darn good fit through the rear and legs with no awkward pooch.
I did pick up a few Old Navy tanks that I use for working out and such, but so far I've hated any kind of maternity yoga or work out pants that I've tried. They've all fit big/weird so I just wear my normal yoga/fitness/lounge pants and wear them a bit lower if needed.
Normal dresses are generally ok, so long as they have an empire waistline or something or they're not fitted through the waist. Hilariously (or embarrassingly?...) I did try on a few dresses last weekend while out shopping that were non-maternity and I thought "well, these aren't fitted anywhere so they should be fine,"... and I got one stuck on my belly, halfway. hah Guess it takes a bit more material to make it over the bump these days! 
My pea coats don't button all the way down. I'm going to try and stick it out. Come on Spring.
I'm sorry to say that I have occasionally found the need for maternity tights (which I thought sounded unnecessary the first time I heard of them). Some of my tights have been too, well, TIGHT! It's not that they won't go around my waist, they just don't feel comfortable.
That's actually something that holds true for a lot of non-maternity wear (for me). It's not that things WON'T fit you anymore (but of course some things really won't fit you anymore hah), it's that you're just not comfortable enough in them to want to wear them anymore.
Sorry this got all lengthy, hope this info is helpful to someone else!


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