Monday, January 27, 2014

24 weeks

6 months.
Well, I'm feeling great!
Still hitting the gym a few days a week for elliptical workouts, weights, etc., and supplementing with the prenatal pilates dvd. No issues in the sleep department either!
these Gap maternity pure body tee's have been my FAVORITES!
Food: There's nothing that I'd say "doesn't appeal to me", and I'm not picky about what I eat. I'm perfectly happy with whatever's in front of me, particularly at dinnertime, whether that's a salad, a "real" dinner, or a bowl of cereal. I snack a lot during the day. Anthony went in my purse one day to look for something and came out calling it a fruit basket, because there was a banana, a clementine and an apple all in there. HA! I snack on those staples, as well as string cheese, strawberries and nutragrain bars almost everyday.
Unfortunately the new found sweet tooth is RAGING and I am exercising the worst judgement at the grocery store that I've ever experienced. Liiiiike I already had strawberry cupcakes (they were kind of amazing. real strawberry filling) and donuts (plain, old-fashioned- my favorite) in my cart and THEN I physically had to slap my hand  that was holding the brown sugar pop tarts to put them back. Our freezer stays stocked with ice cream too.
What is WRONG with me?! This is so not my usual eating style.
 I'm usually like, "Point me in the direction of the chips and salsa, por favor"
Anthony is LOVING this aspect of pregnancy!
I'm trying hard to keep the sweet treat indulgences in check.
So where does this leave me weight/body wise?
I'm up roughly 6 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (so up 13 from the first trimester weight loss number) so I'm happy with that.
For work, my belly bands are still my bff's. (if you don't know what these are you can see here).
Ladies, for real, they have been my LIFESAVER in the pants department! Seriously, I got mine around 13 weeks and gradually used them more and more as things got snug. Thanks to this awesome creation, at 6 months pregnant I'm still able to rock the size 4 Limited pants - yes they're completely unbuttoned and unzipped HA!- but nobody's the wiser so let's just keep that between us, k? Thanks. 
Maternity jeans and leggings for casual wear, most regular tops are fine and I love my dresses.
(somewhat unrelated but in the body category: my belly button has been super flat for quite some time now- am I going to end up with an outtie?!?)
non-maternity Banana Republic outlet dress
Let's talk about movement because that's super fun.
She's moving all the time and it feels so weird and cool and alien and awesome.
I can feel it the most when I'm still laying in bed first thing in the morning, when Ant and I are snuggled up on the couch at night, sometimes when I'm sitting at my desk - most often when I'm still.
 When Anthony's nearby and she's moving around I tell him so he can try to feel if he wants. Almost 2 weeks ago I guess, he felt it for the first time and the look of surprise and excitement on his face was so sweet. Now he can feel it regularly when she's moving around. It's a pretty fun development and definitely furthers the "real" factor of this.
Next up: nursery and such.
We actually started doing a few things in the past few days so I'll share more on that later!


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