Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Summer in April

River Opening Day 2012

This past weekend you couldn't have convinced
me that it's only April.

Sunburns, river days, little productive yard work, dinner with friends, Coronas, seafood, golf cart rides- all the components of my favorite summer days.

You know your weekend's off to a good
start when you run into Princess Tawny

I dig that she rocks the tiara for a
Saturday morning trip to the garden store
(and love it even more that she wears it
pushed back on her head as a headband hehe).

fyi: I didn't love this. maybe I didn't make it right but I won't be doing it again.

This is how Sunday started:

Followed  by a good river run and some
poolside lounging with friends and family

Baited up my birthday present!

And ended with mojitos, steamed shrimp,
grilled burgers and music on the deck.

Ant's awesome Captain cup from Ryan and Peyton.. he loves this

Last night we even got in some Monday night
golf cart sunset cruising by the river and more deck grilling.

...uhhhh what do you mean it's not summer??


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