Monday, April 23, 2012

rain or shine

It was a much needed lazy weekend after last week's chaos and crazy work schedules.

The polar opposite weather days each gave us a little of what we needed. 

Saturday's gorgeous weather meant outdoor running and relaxing in the sunshine, grilling asparagus and bacon wrapped filets while concocting new rum drink creations and playing music way too loud with all our windows and doors open. Sorry neighbors.
my adorable little lime tree!!! it's so cute with it's mini limes!

Total opposite but every bit as enjoyable was Sunday's cold steady downpours.

All day rain + cold temps = leisurely breakfast and coffee, dvr clean out, homemade tomato basil soup and gouda grilled cheeses, zing zang bloody marys, quick productive project and cozy shrimp spaghetti carbonara with a bottle of Barboursville Cab Franc.

The Carbonara recipe was a Rachael Ray, with a few of my own modifications.  
(I eyeballed amounts since we were cooking for 2: used regular bacon; added shrimp; only used 1 egg but used whole egg, not just the yolk; the red pepper flakes made the dish for me-great little kick of heat)

Anthony and I agreed, it was exceptionally good
and is likely to become a new pasta night fave.

I don't want you thinking we were TOTAL bums on Sunday. I mean, we were bums like 90% of the day (and as you've probably gathered- we did spend most of it eating), we did however get a quick burst of energy and spent an hour tearing apart our closet and drawers, making a small mountain of clothes to donate/trash. We decided it was another "we're getting old" milestone that we BOTH tossed clothes that we deemed no longer appropriate for our 30 year old/close to 30 year old selves. It's crazy the amount of clothes we're getting rid of and that our closets are still far from bare... although Anthony's is getting closer to bare as he realized yesterday that he left his two favorite/nicest/most expensive shirts in the hotel room in Fort Lauderdale three weeks ago. As of this morning, the barely-English-speaking-housekeeping-department was unable to locate his items... ugh

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