Friday, April 6, 2012

Mini March Miami Getaway

A lot to cover and we're already onto a new weekend so I'll just document a few trip highlights!

Last Tuesday, Ant and I were offered a nice little trip to Florida to tend to a little RRO business so we hopped a south bound plane Friday morning for 3 days in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

view from one of our three floor to ceiling windows in our room
Corner oceanfront room at the Marriott, 11th floor of 12 story hotel, floor to ceiling window-walls, all with fabulous oceanfront and intracoastal views. I never want to stay in a room with walls again.

our room is to the far right, second floor from the top

view from the other window-wall in the room

have I mentioned we had incredible views?! : )
 We didn't eat a single meal indoors for 3 days.

sunset at Coconut's
Actually we didn't eat a single meal for 3 days where we weren't sitting outside AND waterfront.
That's the life.

Coconut's sells RRO!
Great food, drinks, views, service and outdoor entertainment everywhere we went.

Made it on to the VIP list to a red carpet event at Gulfstream with gourmet food stations, open bar, a band and model/gymnasts doing craaaaazzzyy things. (will post video later!)

sunrise from the room
Got in some beautiful beach time and a little bronzing
(when the Anthony- aka the sunscreen nazi- wasn't chasing me with the spray lotion)

Cochon 555: the amazing culinary event centered around the love of PIG and every imaginable-actually make that unimaginable-creation that could possibly be conceived from pork product. 
INCREDIBLE event (at the Four Seasons Miami- hollaaa) with amazing food.
Crazy (and yummy) stuff. We're talking pig's blood bloody mary's, caramel and bacon fatback ice cream sundaes, bourbon bar, sandwiches filled with whipped lard jelly and liver pâté; nose-to-tail croquetas; pork-stock custard; porchetta ravioli and the list goes on and on. It was nuts.

Shucking around 800 oysters between the two of us.
What can I say? We're a great team : )
(and at least one of us now needs a manicure appointment...)

Fearing getting kicked out of/banned from/a carpet cleaning bill from the Four Seasons because of the enormous mess we made shucking aforementioned oysters.

partying on the rooftop of the Four Seasons Miami

guys from Miami Ink, tattoo'ing a pig
biggest fried pig skin ever

me being creepy and taking a pic of Michelle Bernstein in a walk-by-stalker fashion
Getting 3 hours of sleep then hopping a plane home Monday morning and going straight to work.
Definitely not complaining.
I'd like to give RRO the award for best birthday present this year : )

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  1. Oh that looks fabulous!! I have always wanted to take an impromptu trip, lucky you!! And what amazing views!! FUN FUN. :)


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