Monday, April 30, 2012

Let the good times roll

What a fun and fabulous weekend!

First sunset boat ride of the year with Sarah & Wyatt over to the Tides Inn for Lancaster Lemonades,
followed by a fun dinner out with more friends

A night out in the city after moving Jessi into her new apartment

which is about a TWO minute walk from the beach!!

and in the most gorgeous neighborhood,
I was drooling over these houses!

Great sushi, fun cover band, synchronized back up singing. 
Fantastic night.

Trader Joe's and shopping on the way home, stopping by Grandad's open house in Urbanna and spending the sweet remaining hours of the weekend relaxing with a bottle of red and a TJ's roasted vegetable lasagna (which was really good, I'll recommend!).

From here on out, we have parties/plans every weekend until July so let the good times ROLL!


  1. Congrats Jessi! I just knew this had to be her neighborhood.. Our house is designed after one that is in there... Yea the one that's still on paper and mayyyy be built one day in the not near future. Still diggin the gorg hair Jo!

    Xoxo, Cate

    1. Thanks Catieboo! Yes that area is so adorable, if your house plans look like those houses I anxiously await the day Gordon builds it for you! : ) Miss you! (and your posts! get on it woman!) xoxo


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