Friday, April 13, 2012

helloooooo weekend

Ummm all I can say right now is HALLELUJAH it's Friday afternoon.

This week has kicked my butt in every way and I'm about to go tearing out of this office with an enthusiasm usually reserved for a kid's last day of school.

To leave on a happy note, here are some fun and fabulous things I'm excited about for the weekend:

1. Sarah and I just lime tree shopped together via gchat
and mine is ordered!

2. I'm about to go home and make one of these in a
matter of minutes.

3. "Family Dinner" night tonight with friends.
Girls' turn to head out for cocktails!

4. Big annual anniversary sale at the Earth Store tomorrow.
This means garden and yard work! 
(oddly, we really enjoy most yard work)

5. Saturday- mid 70's, Sunday- mid 80's...need I say more?

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