Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Catch up

Been slacking on my posting- it's been a really fun and busy few weeks for us, both in our jobs and our weekend time!

This past one implemented many of my favorite components of a great weekend. Lots of fun with friends, loads of fresh seafood, some dirt under my nails and spray paint specks on top, and beautiful summer-like weather.

Friday night we met up with Ryan and Peyton at Merroir to be on-lookers as Bravo tv network film crews ran around filming former Top Chef contestants, then we were asked if they could film US eating the chef's creations. I like to think that it's because the four of us are just so good looking, but for all I know, maybe no one else would agree to sign the 8 pages of photo release forms. (We pointed out that Peyton would have made her lawyer father proud as she's the only one of us who actually read all of the small print on the forms. We told her to let us know if there's something we should know about, like if we signed away our first born child) 

So after the chefs whipped up some rockfish concoctions, they brought them to our table and explained each of the dishes (rockfish ceviche and some rockfish in a tomato bouillabaisse kind of broth-both delish!) and we ate them and nodded eagerly to one another and made lots of "mmmm" noises while they filmed us. I expect that about 4 seconds of that makes it into the show. I'm stoked.

Saturday we lounged at The Local over coffees with Ry and Peyton, then everyone ran a few errands before meeting back up at Merroir for some lunch and beers (it was St. Patrick's Day after all, that means day beers are a must). I'll say, as good as the Top Chef dishes were, the dish that we all thought was to die for was Merroir's very own Chef Pete's rockfish with corn salsa over pesto. This dish is killllllerrrrrr. So good in fact, we all ordered it Friday night, then got it again Saturday for lunch. And BBQ shrimp. And oysters. And crabcakes. And steamed shrimp. All in a 16 hour time span.
Saturday night was "family dinner night" with the regular crew.

Keith and Casey hosted a fun and festive St. Patty's Day themed dinner party complete with green beer and shepherd's pie, Irish nachos brought by us, and chocolate stout cupcakes with Bailey's frosting by Chris and Holly.
Casey had the cutest little festive details!

The boys head out on the golf cart for guy's drinks out at the Tides while the girls drink wine prepare dinner.

Poor Baby Tuck- the dogs were all over him to get his puff snacks-including sneaking up and licking them off of his face hehe

Fun night with great friends!

Sunday brought sunshine, yardwork and house projects!
(followed by dinner on the grill and rum drinks, of course)

tulips getting ready to bloom!

 bird's nest in one of our trees..Ant and I want to know how they build it??

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