Monday, March 5, 2012

Snowy Monday & Skinny Smoothies

Happy snowy Monday!

It was a great fun filled weekend but I'm happy to be back at home after a few days on the road and even more so, to have Ant back home with me as he was in Charleston (lucky duck) for work allllllll last week and weekend!

His being away did allow me to get in some good quality time with the family, as well as a super fun night out with my college girls Brittany, Lauren & Channing.

I don't have any pictures to share, which is probably in the best interest of all involved. We did try to snap some pics with Britt's iPhone, but found the next morning that all we really did was take about 17 two second video clips because no one realized it was set to record. hehe

I'd give them a "love yall, had a great time with you" shout out, but learned over the weekend that those jerks don't read this blog so I told them I'd just trash talk them on here from now on.
: )

Sharing my new favorite breakfast:

This Skinny Green Tropical Smoothie is: #1 sooooo good #2 my favorite color and #3 I swear you don't even taste the spinach.

(and #4 in an awesome glass)


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