Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Merroir, Lanc Players & Hunger Games

Another fun-filled weekend, chock full of entertainment, despite the dreary rain and the colder temps that settled in for a few days!

We enjoyed a beautiful warm night on the patio with drinks and laughs with my family, family friends, and a few NNeck friends at Merroir (until the thunderstorm rolled in!).

We had dinner with friends at Wine and Cheese (not great : ( the food that is, great company!), then we all strolled across the street to the Lancaster Players show- which was a very entertaining play directed by a friend of ours.
Fun experience!

Sadly, we did attend a funeral, but we were glad to be able to show our friends support during their sad time.

We also got to see Ant's parents, as well as Grandad to wish him a happy birthday so it's always nice to get a little family time in!

and Sunday night...........

we went to see HUNGER GAMES!!!

After my mild obsession with the books this past winter, I can honestly say this is the first movie that I've been completely anxious and impatient to see in years. It was great,
(well, as great as a movie can be based on awesome books- I'm always a movie hater when I've read the book but they seriously did a fantastic job with this one) and I'm happy that now Anthony wants to read the book so I can make him talk to me about them. : )

How's that for a full weekend?
And this one is in full swing...


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