Monday, February 6, 2012

the weekend rundown- favorites, fairies & football

Ugh Monday. How are you here again already?
I'm struggling today due to an overload on the fun this weekend.

I got to spend Saturday with my FAVORITE girls

me, Britt, Frantz, Megs and Lorie

...and their girls!

Lorie and Elly Cate, Meghann and Kayla
What sweet beautiful baby girls!
(who get it from their beautiful mommas of course)

Some shopping, a great lunch and lots of baby snuggling and girl talk
 with my college loves, what a great day!

On Sunday, my friend Sarah threw a sweet little fairy party for her daughter Tawny's 3rd birthday.

How cute is she?

him too : )

I love this family.

Talen, Sarah, Justin and Tawny

In fact, let me take a quick minute to embarrass Sarah.

Sarah's the kind of mom I want to be.
She takes it all in stride, she doesn't flip out about dirt and germs, and didn't freak out about people touching her kids when they were babies, and doesn't worry about every single little thing her kids do/eat/ touch/.
She's a real mom. A normal, down to earth one.
It reminds me of how my mom raised us.
She's also a great friend. And really funny. She's a terrible speller, but she's super crafty, a talented graphic designer and an all-around good time (especially when cocktails are involved...hehe).
And she's one of VERY few mom-friends I have who works full time. 
She makes it seem manageable and therefore, less scary for me to think about doing it someday.
And as you can see from the pics, she produces really cute kids.  

hehe have some cake!

 Later we Super Bowled with some friends over
good food and drinks.

oh, and some horses too.

I probably cared the least of anyone there about the game, but that didn't stop me from winning some cash in a nice little betting pool about the total points per quarter.
I won the 1st AND 4th quarters and Ant won the 2nd- hollllaaaa!

Fun weekend = today hurts a little.

Have a lovely week!

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  1. What beautiful babies! You will one day be an amazing mother just like your mom! Looks like a fun weekend!


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