Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tuesday at Pasture

Ant and I went to Richmond Tuesday night.
Sadly, it was to attend the viewing for his late Great-Uncle Eddie.

After spending some time with the family, we went to a great restaurant called Pasture.
Chef and owner Jason Alley is a great supporter of RRO and as he's participated in so many of their events, it was fun to finally get to see one of his places!

And what a fun stop it turned out to be!
Turns out, Ant and I can drum up a pretty good weeknight crowd
on short notice.

A big table full of great food, fun beers
and so many of our favorite friends!

Such a fun and unexpected midweek treat that
all of these friends could make it out for the night!

Below: bourbon and coffee pecan pie with salted caramel

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