Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SCARY! wait, sweet

So yesterday Ant went out of town for work
to spend the night in DC.
In the afternoon, I ran home to get something
and the back door was open.
Not wide open, but not shut.
Feeling a bit freaked out, with my finger hovering over the send button to call 911
I cautiously and nervously entered the house,
because I'm kind of a wimp like that.
I took a few tentative steps through the house,
on high alert for intruders.
Because you know, White Stone is pretty dangerous
at 3 pm on a Tuesday.
From the living room I could see into our bedroom
and I saw clothes all over the floor.
(and no, I had not left them there from that morning!)

I thought, oh my gosh- our house has been RANSACKED!

Upon closer inspection, this is what was on the floor:

I kind of have the cutest husband ever. what I was thinking after I convinced the 911 operator that everything was ok.

Just kidding.
A cute surprise that would have been just a little cuter if only that darn door hadn't been open : )


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