Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February winds down

Fantastic weekend filled with good eating, sweet baby snuggling, and best of all, time together.
Especially sweet, as Ant is preparing to leave me for the rest of the week for a work trip : (

We cooked great food, enjoyed a drink out at Thai Pot followed by some take out, and met up with Jessi at Merroir for mussels and cocktails.

I'm so glad to see February coming to an end. I know consistently warm weather is still a little while away, but March gives me refreshed excitement for the promise of spring and I welcome it with open arms. Well, in a day and a half. Stupid Leap Year, making me one day farther from March!

Seriously, could my little twin baby cousins be any CUTER?!?
Ughh I love them!! I got in a visit with them on Saturday and took some cute pics, but figured I should send the pics to their momma before posting for others. Stay tuned.

Recipes coming too.
I am seriously a crazy lady in the kitchen these days.
Which means I need to become a crazy lady on the treadmill too.

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