Monday, January 9, 2012

the weekend rundown - faves, friends & French'ness

It was a great relaxing weekend full of all of my favorites: cozy movie nights, reading, good work outs, cooking, playing in the sunshine enjoying the nice weather, great food and a fun night out with friends.
Can't ask for anymore than that, right?

 Ant was out of town Thursday night so I got in a fun family dinner and hang out time at my parents'.
We snuggled up with Chinese take out and Colombiana (good movie!) Friday night, did house things and frolicked in the 67 degree sunshine Saturday, then headed to Richmond that night to attend Bernie's incredibly fun 30th birthday party. Jamie picked a great venue, awesome food and included lots of cute personal touches- it was a great time with so many friends we haven't seen in a while!

Sunday brought... THEME NIGHT! When we lived in the Outer Banks, we often had theme night, where we coordinated our drinks, menu and sometimes music or movie around a designated theme. Gives a little festive party-like feel to things : )  

Last night we went French.
*Anne Sophie if you still read this, don't call me out on how not-French these things are, we can stereotype if we want : ) *
We loaded up our new favorite toy- our cheese board, enjoyed wine and an easy version of Coq Au Vin which was delicious if I do say so myself (I didn't follow this recipe exactly, I used a combination of like 3 recipes and added other ingredients but the link gives you the basic idea of what we did), and sipped champagne with our Apple Tarte Tatin while watching Midnight in Paris.

(That's right.. I didn't take a single picture of all that food. Talk about a lazy weekend...)

Perfect ending to a great weekend.
Now it's back to the grind...

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