Tuesday, January 24, 2012

quick catch up

Just checking in and saying a quick hi!

Jess scolded me last night for my drop off in posting-it's just been a crazy few weeks!

Big, exciting things happening at work that are keeping me busy, as well as a few fun and festive weekends!

Let's see, quick recap:

We've had some great dinners, both in and out, including a Sunday night take out/movie night/slumber party with Jessi, a weeknight date at Merroir, and a Friday night dinner out to a new place in town with 3 other fun and awesome couples followed by late night living room floor games at one of their houses hehe

The birthday party hop has continued with a fancy surprise soiree Whitney threw for Logan's 30th in Richmond. Beautiful party full of so many of our favorite friends!

We've also celebrated a big birthday for Donna with a great brunch party at my parents' house.

We didn't get to celebrate with him, but we do wish Ben a happy 25th birthday!! He told me his Thai family threw him a little surprise karaoke party. I told him we'd have to see him doing this to believe it.

Some cooking, good running, a little rainy day lounging on the couch with Ant, LOTS of reading- life is good as always!

I think that's all I've got for now.
Hopefully some pictures can make their way on here later!

Have a great week!


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