Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Craftin': Holiday Card Garland

Ok, I guess this isn't really a craft, so much as it's my idea for displaying all those sweet holiday cards that hang out on my fridge every year.

We don't hang stockings, so this is a cute use of that space!

I'm keeping mine simple since there's so much happening
on the mantel already, but I think it could be super cute in a less
busy area with some Christmas balls or embellishments
of some sort intertwined with the cards!

Thanks to those of you who sent a few early cards so I didn't have to use fakes for my display : )

and the rest of you- come on, you know you want your card up there so send 'em!

Now I can see them more often than just when
 I'm headed for the fridge!
(ok fine, I admit I do that pretty often...)


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