Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekend Catch Up

We're just going to jump right in here with a weekend catch up post! It was a wonderful and busy one, jam packed with family, friends and fun!

Lawtie and I enjoyed a girls lunch and play date at the playground with Kelly and the twins. 

Lawter was in charge of taking care of Camden and Riley and Kel and I just relaxed. 

Then we met Anthony after work for Friday evening pool floating and boat cruising. 

The weather, especially in the late afternoons/evenings, was beyond perfect this past weekend with low humidity and evenings cooled off to the point of feeling fallish. 

Lawtie flirting with cousin Connor

Gorgeous Saturday morning run through the quiet, picturesque streets of Irvington 

I attended a lovely daytime wedding for friends Rebecca and Joe. 

Then we left Lawtie with Granley and Pappy for the evening and had a date night! 

We boated across the river for dinner and music in a neighboring town.

Sunday brought more river and pool fun, a visit from Muzzie and Mo, and dinner/visiting/crab picking at Sara, Taylor and baby Sully's! 
(wish I had gotten a picture of Lawter and Sully, we hadn't seen him since January!)

We dove headfirst into the work week Monday morning and I'm just counting down to the weekend again!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Friday!

Hi friends and Happy Friday!

It's been a crazy week or two and I've felt like I'm constantly trying to catch my breath. Work is hectic right now with loads of events on the horizon keeping me busy, Lawter ran a low temp most of last week therefore rearranging all childcare plans and ending up at pediatrician's and on amoxicillin (we're in the midst of 10 days of getting that in twice a day- ughhhhh), we've been working on getting her back into some good nighttime sleep habits (seriously... so, so tired some days), and just in case I sound like I'm doing too much complaining, I should add that we've been having the best time enjoying our evenings at home together and cracking up at our adorable tiny walking person, just roaming the house and finding new (and totally random) things to carry around each day. : ) 

She's seriously just getting cuter and funnier by the day and I so look forward to my Friday and weekend with her! 

My parents came over for dinner one night and Mimi brought a new outfit or two she had bought for Lawtie. While we were looking at them in the living room, Lawter picks them up and marched them right into her bedroom by herself and (attempted to) put them in her closet. 


And then there's one of her new preferred positions for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse watching. 

Looks comfy.

Have a great weekend!

hehe that little face.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Work Wear/Outfits

Let's unload some outfit pics from the phone!

(I wear this dress a lot and apparently I can get creative enough to switch up my shoes and wrist wear but not necklace :  ) hah!)

Girl's Night Out

And finally, these last few are some other options I was considering for our family photo shoot before I found the lovely pastel maxi that I wore and completely love. (These dresses are Nordstrom/Modcloth)

LOVED this top, so I kept it  : ) 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Look who's WALKING!

For the sake of documentation, here's a video of our little cautious mover finally moving past stagnant standing and tiny shuffles into big girl walking!

After weeks of everyone watching her with bated breath every time she stood, she saved her first real walking show for just mama and dada on a low key Friday night at home : ) 

Here are a few snippets of her first "official" moves:



Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Photo Dump

Ohhhh my gosh. My random photo assortment is getting out of control! Some of these are close to a month old now so here's a little folder clean out!

The rare moment she's actually sitting on her behind, as instructed, in the tub. 

Post bath Muffin.

We borrowed Granley and Pappy's compact highchair to take to the beach and at home, Lawter loved sitting in it to relax. hahaha 

I feed myself yogurt.... and sometimes a bit of it makes it to my mouth.

Pool day at Mimi's.

This is what happens when Daddy leaves my highchair too close to the junk drawer!

Silly face.

Our neighbors' teeny tiny dog got loose and was running around our yard one evening. They weren't home so Anthony left a note on their door and brought him in our house so he wouldn't run away/get hurt. Lawter is TERRIFIED of dogs, big or small. After we got her to calm the heck down, we got her to warm up to him by waving to him. So she sat in the floor and waved to the doggie for almost an hour until his owners got home.  I'm gonna call it progress.

Diva-esque tantrum.


Dinner time at Mimi and Coach's
where big girl ate all her broccoli (after dipping it in ranch dressing)

and then decided she's just go straight for the bowl of ranch and cut out the middle man (aka, the broccoli)

We had a scary little moment a few weeks ago when a friend texted me to ask if we were ok, I had no idea what she was talking about (she lives an hour and a half away) and she told me to check out our local weather. I turned it on to find them saying if you live in the listed areas, go ahead and take cover from the tornado headed our way. Awesome. Fortunately, it changed paths shortly after that announcement. Whew. 

(I took this pic of the tv a few nights later while watching a show that had been being recorded during the storm. It was scary seeing more of the coverage and I'm actually relieved I didn't know about the tornado stuff earlier, would have just been longer to freak out!)

I loooooove my hydrangeas so, so much. They're getting all burned up and ugly because of this extreme heat so I've been clipping them left and right to enjoy my beautiful blooms while I still can.

We thoroughly enjoyed a few nights of delicious leftover wedding cake. 

Loves brushing teeth!

Lunch and a visit with our besties, Frantz and baby Bryson


Family outing for ice cream, including a baby sized soft serve cone

Juuuuust what I expected.

And finally, a LONG awaited play date with our little gal pal June bug!