Friday, January 30, 2015

Five on Friday


A gave into the piko shirt crazy about a month ago and will need to order another to replace this one that I've already just about worn out! hah Sooooo comfy!


I've made myself the yummiest little sammies this week. 

Toasted english muffin, cheese melted under the broiler, avocado (one day it was egg), and a nice little sriracha drizzle. Lunchtime has been so happy. 


Ear tube related photos. I've gotta dump them somewhere. 

Playtime the night before at Granley and Pappy's. 

Waiting room. 

More waiting room.

Almost time.

Snowy ride home. 


This picture is now MONTHS old, but I laugh every time I see it hanging out in my queue folder so here it is. This is how my ladylike daughter sits at tables in restaurants. bahaha (and yes, we'd move her foot off the table and she'd swing it right back up, legs totally sprawled out)


I can't claim to care at all about the Superbowl but I do love me some game day snacks- the cheesier, the better. had a little contest going this week to find out fan favorites and this reads like a who's who of all my faves. Great round up of ideas and new twists on old favorites.I think there will definitely need to be some wings and one type of cheesy dip in the works. 

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lawter: 9 Months

9 months. 

You know we always know accurate baby stats in our house with our frequent flyer status at the pediatrician's office (and today was a well check day!). Measurements are currently 27.5 inches, 19.62 pounds. Your head is still huge at 18 inches. 

You've just outgrown your 6 month tops and are now wearing all 9 month clothes (or size 6-12 months for Gap, ON, etc.). As usual, you're getting a big long for your 9 month footed jammies. I actually put you in your first pair of two piece "big girl jammies" that are a Carter's size 12 months a few days ago and it broke my heart that they fit your pretty perfectly. Still in size 3 diapers.

We gave you your first haircut; the baby mullet was just too, too scraggly and it had to be done!

You say mama, hi/hey, and something pretty close to bye. You love to smile, talk, laugh, clap, wave, bounce yourself while waving your arms around like a baby conductor, and play with your toys. You actually think the best toys in the world are our phones, the remote (true story: I removed the batteries from it one night because she was dying to have it and when I handed it back to her she looked at me all annoyed and didn't even want it anymore. Seriously??), and paper- any kind will do. Receipts, grocery lists (she has to hold it when we're in the store and more than once she's screamed bloody murder when I briefly took it from her to check my items), magazines, tissue and gift wrapping paper, the paper on the table at the peds office is a favorite. 

You think it's hilarious when we're wearing hats, hoods, curlers, towels on my head after showers- accessories in general. Of course, you love to touch my hair, earrings and always have to tug on my necklaces. 

Now YOUR accessories are a different story...

You started pulling out your hair bows and immediately shoving them in your mouth which was not cool because they're small, so we'd have to remove them when putting you in the carseat for a ride. Fortunately that seems to have passed, for the most part. Also, socks. You love to pull off your socks and sometimes put those in your mouth too. Weird. 

Health: We celebrated your 6th ear infection in 4 months with an ENT referral, immediately followed by a week of something yucky our pediatrician said sounded like croup (more meds and steroids). Fortunately that cleared up fast enough to pass the pre op visit and on January 27th, during your first snowfall, you got ear tubes! The doctor came out of your surgery and said it went well and that one of your ears was REALLY infected that day. You'd just finished a 10 day stint of antibiotics that previous day. Awesome. My 9 month old is already resistant to antibiotics.

Last Sunday- BOY OH BOY did we have a fussy baby on our hands! Not pitiful sick fuss- more like angry, constant, I don't want to eat sleep or play fuss that we are certain was our first taste of teething fun. We really didn't notice a big demeanor change with her first two little bottom teeth, but our pediatrician confirmed that little miss is about to get some top teethies!

Sleep is still dicey, we're hoping the tubes will help remedy that! 

You have four 6 ounce bottles a day, and can hold them and feed yourself (when you want to). 

You love your sippy cup (water, we don't give juice), and love finger foods. Some favorites include cheerios, puffs, peaches, avocados, bananas, green beans, cheese, strawberries, kiwi, banana pancakes, scrambled eggs, and just about anything else we put in front of you! You also love yogurt and don't know yet how mean we are for giving you plain yogurt : ) 

She loves to stand and play with her activity table. We sit close by to catch her when she sometimes starts to slide or lose her balance. Loves the exersaucer and loves her jumper, but other than those exercises, she's still pretty immobile and doesn't even seem particularly interested. 

You are oh so social and ham it up when we're out and about. It took me forever to grab a few things from the grocery store with you in tow yesterday because you sat in the front of the cart like a big girl waving my shopping list and saying hiiiiiii and smiling at everyone we passed, who then of course wanted to stop and chat with you and ask your name and see if you'd smile for them again. Such a little baby ham!

I really don't know what to say that I haven't said every single month before now. Everyday we grow more and more in love with this sweet, funny, beautiful little girl and continue to be mesmerized by the awesomeness of watching her grow, change and learn.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Work Wear and more

As promised! It's taken me months to remember to take enough outfit pics for a post, so here we go:


Monday, January 26, 2015

the weekend in review

Our weekend wasn't all that exciting, however I do seem to have taken lots of pics that I need unload from my phone!

Our week/weekend was mostly dedicated to sick baby care. Lawter had the yuckiest little cough that was suspected to be croup, but fortunately was pretty short lived, knocked out with antibiotics and steroids, and never got as far as breathing complications. 

She was so pitiful for a few days and life pretty much revolved exclusively around her and her needs. (then again, doesn't it usually? : ) ha #firstchildproblems)

Lawter rested on Saturday with Anthony, Granley and Pappy while my mom and I accompanied my sister wedding dress shopping!

About halfway through the day, this happened...  

Just kidding. Mom, Jess and I all had Trader Joe's *ahem* shopping needs so that was just a quick stop. We had a great time and she of course looked fab in everything she tried on. I think she'll do a little more perusing in some other shops before choosing. 

By the end of the weekend, Lawtie was coughing less, sleeping more and seemed to be on the up and up....

.....until this little bundle of adorableness turned into a teething, drooling, nonstop fussing little terror for a few hours on Sunday. Poor little lady. I decided to make her feel better with a photo session. 

Just kidding. She probably thought it was torture. But I enjoyed it.