Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up with the Five on Friday link party, with Christina, Darci, April and Natasha.


I feel like most of the girls participating in this are similar in age and life situations and it's been fun finding some new ones to follow, and getting new comments on mine!


It's been a hectic work week, made slightly better by a work event that included both Chick fila and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.


Last Friday we had a family picture taken to use up a gift certificate we were sweetly given at a baby shower that was about to expire. The photographer suggested we all wear white. I dreaded finding a white baby dress in 6 month size in October that we'd obviously not get much use out of but managed to score this ADORABLE simple Carter's crotchet jersey dress for $5.95 on clearance at Macy's.

I think it's the most darling dress. Or maybe it's just the cutie wearing it?? : )


The return of the double ear infection has not made for good sleep in our house this week, and I've learned that exhausted is not a good color on me. I was dangerously close to going postal on a cashier and a manager in Wal-Mart. Not my best moment. (however, if you knew the story- you'd likely say justified)

My girl, however, still manages to look precious while under the weather and after just having gotten a strong intramuscular shot at the peds office.

She'll get a second shot today, AND another tomorrow. So fingers are crossed for successful and speedy recovery. 


Thanks to her like-minded grandma's, Lawtie is now well decked out for the Halloween season. (not shown: two pairs of pjs, both in the laundry!) I can't wait to put her in her costume!


I finally managed to do some fall decorating this morning during my girl's nice long nap. I've also done a darn good job cleaning up the house and catching up on laundry and other odds and ends, so after pediatrician this afternoon, I plan to ice down some pumpkin beers, get started on a nice cozy dinner and light some pumpkin spice candles to officially kick the weekend off in fall mode.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Few Random Pics and Jack's Birthday

 Just a few more random shots from our long weekend, which was pretty lazy and nice!

Post-church family selfie

Looking all adorable in her Sunday fancies

Then it was time to celebrate Uncle Jack's birthday!

Fun and festive dinner at my parents' - a great way to wrap up a super fun few days!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Celebrating 5 at Clifton Inn

To celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, Anthony picked out a nice inn just outside of Charlottesville for us to have a quick overnight getaway!
The Clifton Inn, one of two Relais & Chateaux (oolala) establishments in Virginia, stays pretty booked up for weddings, making weekend stays unavailable at this 17 room inn, so we decided to do a Thursday.
We dropped Lawter off with Anthony's parents (with whom we share an anniversary, so it was very sweet of them to spend theirs keeping the babe! Thanks yall!) and got up to Charlottesville by lunchtime. Anthony is University of Virginia alumni and it was a gorgeous day so we thought it'd be fun to stroll around the picturesque fall campus and the downtown mall area for a bit.
When we grabbed lunch just at the edge of campus, I wanted to indulge a little of my own college nostalgia and chose the Biltmore Grille for our lunch spot. I bartended at the Harrisonburg Biltmore (same owners) when I was in college and I wanted some Thumbs n' Toes! Thumbs n' Toes are just little breaded boneless chicken pieces tossed in wing sauces and I LOVED them with some sweet and sassy sauce. Well yall. They were disappointing, to say the least. The sauce was weird, the chicken wasn't great, the service was pretty terrible. I guess some things should just be left as sweet memories of the past. On the bright side, our beers were cold and our outdoor seats were lovely!
So onto the Inn!
Named by Southern Living as one of the South's Coziest Inns, Clifton Inn has beautifully charming farmhouse/cottage style accommodations, gorgeously landscaped grounds,
the service was incredible, food was to die for, everyone was so attentive and anticipated our every need- it was truly a lovely experience.


While having a pre-dinner cocktail in the bar area, we ended up chatting with the owners of the Inn for quite some time, which was really fun and interesting. Later during dinner, our server informed us that our bottle of wine we'd ordered was being picked up by the owners. How sweet!
 I enjoyed "The Retro", which is kind of like a Manhattan. Delicious.

 We reserved the Chef's Counter for dinner, where in addition to the tasting menu we selected, each member of the culinary team took turns presenting us extra mini dishes/bites. We ate so. much. food.
Later I tried to count everything I ate, between my dishes, bites of Anthony's selections, and the extra tastings and I'd sampled more than14 things!
I really couldn't even name most of the things we ate. I consider myself a bit of a foodie and this was exotic even for me. Roasted pumpkin with wormwood soil, sticky toffee pudding (ommmggggg), roasted maitake mushrooms in brown butter, whiskey cake, dry aged rib eye- it was an amazing experience.
When we returned to our room, there were cookies waiting for us on our bed.
Anthony was in love.
There was also this note, informing us about the upcoming day, as well as a "fun" fact.
I feel like they're using the word "fun" pretty loosely.  
So around 6:30 am the next morning, the loudest fire alarm I've ever heard in my life (complete with flashing lights of course) goes off in our room. I call over to the front desk of the main building and several minutes later a manager comes to check it out, says it's a "low battery" warning (seriously? that sounds like THAT?), and he doesn't know how to turn it off. Meanwhile, we hear sirens and sure enough, a minute later a fire truck (and more flashing lights) pulls right on up and a fireman comes up to check it out. During all of this, Anthony and I, and the couple in the suite next door, are sitting out on our patio in pjs in the very chilly predawn mountain air. It was all kind of crazy. Eventually they got it turned off, and since I'd sworn I wasn't eating again for a week after that tasting menu, they offered us complimentary breakfast as an apology for the early morning wake up call.
So we ate again.
Farmhouse omelet with peppers, shitakes and mountain cheese for me, pumpkin griddle cakes for Ant, and the most delicious sausage for both.
We checked out shortly after breakfast, and were wished a farewell with a sweet little box of homemade cookies. The Clifton Inn really knows the way to my husband's heart.
 It was a wonderful experience and we so enjoyed the quality time together- happy 5 years babe!