Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shower for Baby Girl Marchetti {#3}

I know, we're spoiled rotten. You don't have to tell us.
This past Sunday my sweet mama and sissy hosted the sweetest and cutest baby shower ever for their soon to be favorite granddaughter/niece : )
my very favorite girls <3 p="">
Seriously it was so cute and perfect. The girls in my family really do know how to entertain and it was so much fun being the guest of honor at such a fabulous event! (well, technically the carrying vessel of the guest of honor I suppose ha)
Sunshine and weather in the upper 70's with a great breeze made for a picture perfect day hanging out on Mom's porch and deck with TONS of incredibly fun ladies, all of whom I love very much! It really was the best crowd. Home friends, local friends, college girls, my friends' mamas, family, neighbors, and really just so many special women in our lives- it was so absolutely awesome having them all there and I'm so touched by their love and enthusiasm for this milestone in our lives.
Adorable "spring shower" theme with cute and colorful springy umbrellas, rain boots/coats, cheerful flowers and some sweet rubber duckies sprinkled about.

Party favors for all 33 guests: adorable hand painted initial wine glasses, courtesy of my talented mama.

me and Donna

Fare included wine and bubbly, a springy and light ladies lunch with mini sammies, salads, etc. and delicious petite desserts.
I can't even begin to get into the amazing gifts Baby Girl received because as I have been saying all along and will continue to say- the girl is spoiled rotten and will without a doubt be the best dressed Marchetti for quite some time. I've never seen so many cute outfits and baby gear and oh my goodness- the river/beach/pool gear!!! She racked up swimsuits, covers, sun hats, baby boat coat, toys, floats- you name it! Even baby croakies which are pretty much the cutest things ever : ) We are so appreciative of all the great items from cutesy clothes to sweet blankets to oh-so-necessary diapers, wipes, gear and more!
It was too sweet for words, and I want to extend my absolute sincerest thanks to our friends and family who are all far too kind and generous to us! 
Northern Neck Girls: Sarah, me, Holly
College gals: Megs, Lorie, me, Frantz, Brittany
me and Dawnie

me and Ash

Home girls: Kelly, Lou, me and Catelyn

me and fellow mama-to-be Meredith
Christine and Kel
Stacie and baby Mckinley

mama #2, Townley
And thanks Mom and Jess for such an amazing party- I can't believe all of this adorableness was just for us and we loved it so much!
Also, I know my Aunt Joan and Donna played a big part in pulling off this adorable party with Mom and Jess- thank you both! : )
Joan and Donna
(post pics by me, Mom and sweet Megsy- thanks girls!)
I will be sharing one of our very FAVORITE gifts - it's a nursery item. It's been a busy (but REALLY fun) start to our week so needless to say, shower gifts haven't exactly been organized and put away yet so pics are on hold for now : )  Coming later though! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Gordon ties the Knot

What a FUN weekend!
I'm pretty exhausted today, but it was well worth it to pack in all the great times that were had this weekend, starting with a super fun (and HUGE) wedding.
Gordon is one of Ant's lifelong buddies, having attended high school and college together, and is the last of their Benedictine boys to get married and let me tell you, he and his lovely new wife Brooke did it in style!
Held at the Commonwealth Club in Richmond, this perhaps 500 person wedding included no fewer than 5 top shelf bars, a great band, and gourmet food stations galore.

Two words: nacho bar.

Cascading mountain of tortilla chips, gourmet toppings including but not limited to fresh pico de gallo and the most amazing queso ever (for real, just ask anyone who tried it), and best of all, a personal guacamole maker, serving our fresh guac needs all night long. I was in love.

Additionally, there were endless mini crabcakes, bacon wrapped scallops, the ever popular mashed potato bar and a three foot tall ice sculpture filled with shrimp that we called the shrimp ice luge. There were other food stations but I mostly just had eyes for the nacho did so didn't make all the rounds. It was fab.

We laughed and danced the night away with many of our very favorite friends!

me, Peyton, Jamie

me, Ant, Ry, Petey
Allow me a moment to give myself a little pat on the back: after working it on the dance floor, in high heels no less, all night (yea, I'm kinda paying for that one now.. ha) -  I went above and beyond my dd duties to hit the bar for the after party where we remained until sometime after midnight. That's right. Trooper : )

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Randoms

It's been a great week and is looking to be an even better weekend with lots of fun things happening!
We've had some beautiful weather with lots of outdoor time, productive and successful work events, afternoon walks with girlfriends, two fun dinners with great friends- it's been a really nice one!
And it definitely got off to a GREAT start, as last Sunday two of my girlfriends surprised me with a day at the spa as a birthday treat! 
Unfortunately due to a last minute family emergency, Lou wasn't able to join us, which was a huge bummer as she'd so sweetly planned the whole thing : ( 
She insisted that Kelly and I follow through with the plans and Kel showed up bright and early Sunday morning, boxes of Sugar Shack donuts in hand, to get our day started.
We got massages and facials and it was absolutely lovely and relaxing! Afterwards, we enjoyed a big, delicious brunch out. Such a fun girls day out!
Thank you both SO MUCH for such a fabulous treat, really just too sweet!
 Fried chicken and waffles with spicy butter and honey. One of my FAVES that we rarely indulge in, mostly due to my reluctance to deal with the guilt/smell/mess of frying. 

I had a dream last night that it was Tuesday and I wasn't packing my bag with TD clothes, and then after {regular) work I was like "Oh, I'm not going to TD now... Weird." haha Guess my brain is still processing this change to my longtime routine!

National Siblings Day. Love these people!

Just a few of the precious outfits little miss received last weekend. I die.


I just learned today is National Grilled Cheese Day. Apparently we honored it a day early with our dinner last night: French bread, sharp white cheddar, thin sliced Granny Smith apple, bacon. Delish.

Leftover French bread means Saturday morning French toast.
(my waffle maker is giving me the evil eye for cheating on it)

We're kicking off wedding season today! Oddly the weddings we're invited to so far this year are all in April and May (as opposed to the June-Sept. season we usually experience), so we're looking forward to partying with friends at this one since we don't know what our May schedule will allow! 
Then tomorrow, I am so, so excited for our baby shower being thrown by my sweet mama and sister!!
Looking forward to seeing so many of my favorite gals, the weather is supposed to be fab and we all know my Mom and Jess throw one HECK of a party- can't wait!