Saturday, December 20, 2014

Raspberry White Chocolate Pound Cake

Anthony's birthday dessert this year:
With a little dark chocolate drizzle.
Something a little different this year, and we think it's gotten even better with every leftover slice we share in the evenings

I like that it looks and sounds a little fancy but is a super simple recipe (and this is coming from the girl who ruined TWO boxed brownie mixes this week...).


Friday, December 19, 2014

Five on Friday

A baby in Santa jams. LOVE!
Husband's birthday celebration was cozy and low key, with a delicious homemade pizza (garlic-olive oil, mozzarella, tomatoes, caramelized red onions, bacon, arugula and balsamic reduction drizzle), white chocolate raspberry pound cake (that I successfully baked myself, despite the fact that I ruined and threw away not one, but TWO BOX mix brownie disasters this week!!), and again, a cute baby in Santa jams (sorry, can't get enough!).


Awesome Southern Living shout out to the hub's workplace this week!
There's a lot of Virginia love on this list! 
Last weekend we had dinner with a group of friends and it was such a sweet and special time, sharing dinner and laughs with these girls who I've known just about my whole life and creating new memories together with all of our families.
Three of these pretty gals are expecting, one with TWINS, so this pic will look a bit more crowded next year!

(as promised, this is the disclaimer to assure readers that the lovely lady in the black top in above picture is thin and fit, despite how her shirt may be awkwardly hanging to suggest otherwise : )  love you Lou!)

Thank you Amazon Prime. Christmas shopping (almost) done in a matter of days : )
Hopefully finishing up the rest of it today and knocking out some wrapping this weekend!
Linking up with the Five on Friday link party, with Christina, Darci, April and Natasha.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

South Boston Christmas

Family holiday traditions are changing up a bit this year. They probably would have anyways, due to the recent influx of babies in the family, but sadly, there's also the fact that my grandfather is not doing well health wise. 
A few weeks ago when hospice was called in, my Mom and aunts made the decision to move Christmas in South Boston up to the 14th to ensure that we all get to see him (and my grandma) for the holidays.
I've spent Christmas day in South Boston with my family every year of my life, as have almost all of my cousins, and this will be my first year ever not going. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend some special holiday time with my grandparents and family, and especially for Lawter to see them.
Thanks to my sweet cousin Dani for snapping these pics of Lawter with Granddaddy.

Sweet Mallory

Heather and Audrey

Jenny and Cooper, Mal and Lawter

Mal and Dan and the great food spread

Grandma with Olivia and Lawtie

Lawter's adorable little Christmas dress was a gift from my Grandma and I LOVE IT! It came with cute little matching tights that look like she's wearing red mary janes. hehe

Hanging with Uncle Jack

Reading with Aunt Sissy

For some reason Lawter just started crying when my Grandma gave her this teddy bear...

Until of course I acted like a goof ball, then she was cool with him

Cousins and cousins' kids

Lawter's face... bahaha

Lawtie and Mimi
Still unsuccessful at getting all the great grandkids together at the same time. This time we had a shy twin who didn't want to participate, were missing a baby cousin Lawter's age who I haven't even gotten to meet yet, and about a week prior to this pic- another babe was added to the fam (so she's not up for road trips yet)! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Husband: 33

Happy birthday to my best friend, my baby daddy, and my all time favorite kitchen dance party partner.

Your girls love you so very much. Happy birthday babe!

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