Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Work Wear

Soooo these are about a month old....maybe I'll remember to take some outfit pics again someday.

Until then- 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beach Weekend Bachelorette for Jess

I just enjoyed a great weekend at the beach for my sis's bachelorette party!

Too many calories, too little sleep, and so, so much fun. 

(yes, I'm the crazy lady who still woke up at 5: 30 am and decided to catch a beach sunrise instead of trying to go back to sleep)

One month Jessi!! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Photo Dump

Bear with me as I clean out some random phone pics- they're all more than 2 weeks old but I don't know what else to do with them so here we go!

(also, I'm due for a phone upgrade next week and am super excited because this has been an interim iphone with very little storage!!)

Is there anything sweeter than soft, warm, chunky sleeping babies?? Makes me want to crawl in the crib and snuggle up with her. 

Facetime lunch date complete with phone kisses

Date night out at a fundraiser with a waterfront setting, bottomless wine and loads of Italian mini courses to sample

Packing up all things baby. I can't over how much stuff you only use for a year (and a lot of it, we were done with by 8 months or so, really).

Mama and Muffin selfies 

Happy Hour Date 

Weekend morning snuggles on the couch with Dada

She's loving shoes and when we take them off of her, she tries to put them back on. (and on the wrong feet of course hehe)

After making a batch of my favorite freezer Mexican breakfast burritos, I tossed all the leftover ingredients in a bowl and called it breakfast. Protein packed and amazing. 

I thought she'd be amused by this... turns out it was just me.

So this next shot was taken on the no nap sinus infection day a few weeks ago. After losing the nap battle at home, we strolled around for over an hour and still had no closed eyes, so I gave us and pushed her in the swing for a bit and was thinking how cute she looked and that I should take a pic. As I was taking this, I realized she'd peed out of her diaper (I guess anyways- to be honest, I'm still not sure exactly what happened??) because it was dripping from the bottom of her pants. ugghhhh. After this realization, I had other things to do than post pics on IG so I took a deep breath, saved the screen shot to preserve the pic, and did what a mama has to do.

(Sorry Irvington moms, I did spray the swing with my antibacterial hand spray and dump my water cup over it in an attempt to rinse  : (    )

Birthday morning banana pancakes 

Prework/daycare pic. Why does she look so olddd?!? 

and holy cow those are some pasty white legs. Sorry if you were blinded by them. 

Birthday dinner: baked spaghetti

Muffin was asleep by this time, but I noted her EXACT birth time on her birthday evening and celebrated her with a glass of champagne from the mini bottle that was given to me one month ago for my birthday.   (and I'm now changing my phone wallpaper because I realize it's been months and she looks so different now!)

Savoring bottle snuggles (at least I hope he did, because we're done with them now!)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weekend recap

I've already shared my pics from Sunday spending Mother's Day with the family, but even before that, the rest of our weekend was so, so good. 

Thursday night we had dinner at my parents' to celebrate my Dad's birthday. 

Their porch is such a magical place and where all the best celebrations take place. I dream of having a porch like this someday (not pictured: beautiful river view from said porch)

Happy birthday Coach! 

I'd mentioned having a really challenging few days with Lawter last week so Friday was just what we needed- a girls day spent out shopping, just the two of us. She was such a doll, being sweet and fun, sharing lunch and shopping fun with her Mama. She may or may not have gotten a few cute things out of the day : ) 

Coming home, we met up with Anthony for Friday happy hour on the water. 


Saturday was another gorgeous day with time spent outside playing and having lots of fun on our own back deck. 


My awesomely huge card from Lawtie

And yummy dinner grilled by hubs

Is is the weekend again yet?