Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The rest of Thanksgiving break

The remainder of our Thanksgiving break was pretty low key with only one big family outing for a little shopping, then some local things like grocery trips, a fresh air run around Cross Tides, and a whole lot of hanging out at home. 

Lawter did a lot of swinging back and forth on seeming like she was feeling better, so we laid pretty low. That's not to say we didn't get a lot accomplished though! We have busy weekends headed our way (who doesn't?!) so we did a Christmas blitz and strategically selected and arranged decorations for minimal work and maximum effect, grabbed a tree, tossed some ornaments on it, then tucked everything else back away in the attic and that's that! Now the little bit of time we'll have at home during the month can be spent enjoying our pretty decor and lights (and wrestling the toddler away from the tree). 

And decorating the tree with Lawtie went pretty much exactly as anticipated.

Within SECONDS, she'd run over to the open ornament box, grabbed two personalized glass balls from the selection and smashed them against one another. Fortunately this (miraculously) didn't result in any injuries and once she stopped crying from the surprise of it, she immediately scooped up a handful of ornament hooks to fling around the room. Awesome. We allowed her to place one ornament on the tree (which she placed, then removed, placed, then removed, repeat) until we sent her off for naptime and finished it ourselves : )  Now she still removes that one ornament a few times per day but otherwise (knock on wood), the tree is faring relatively well in her presence. We'll see how wrapped gifts hold up once there are some under there!

Other moments from the weekend:

We had a girls' morning out with my Mom and hit up a friends' jewelry show and did lunch.

Got in a little fitnessing with a RIPPED class to work off some turkey. 

Heyyyy 26 weeks. 

Enjoying some sunshine at the river

Decorated a mini tree for L's room

Some dessert bars I made for Thanksgiving. Nilla wafer crust, cream cheese, pumpkin, coconut, dried cranberries, white chips, nuts- lots of good stuff.

Lawter and I had an early morning dance party in the kitchen while picking at all the yummy toppings that fell off these. It didn't take her long to figure out that she really likes the white chips. Breakfast of champions.

and one of the cutest moments from the weekend: my little gal pal getting the waffle making started  for mama. All I had done was set the bisquick and mixing bowl out while I pulled out other things and I looked over and L had taken the bag out of the box, unclipped it, and was digging in to sprinkle it into the bowl. (aaannnd all over herself in the process)  Funny little person!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Our Thanksgiving celebration this year was just what we needed after aforementioned WEEK of sick toddler who just wasn't herself for the longest time. 

(Update on that: Lawter didn't seem to be bouncing back very well, developed a rash, went back to peds, determined she's allergic to amoxicillan- just like her mama!- and after two days on new antibiotic, seems to finally be acting like her fun and cute little self again!)

So it was wonderfully low key with minimal travel, just the right sized crowd and lots of fresh air and sunshine, enjoying good food and great company with some of our nearest and dearest at Casa de Mimi and Coach. Enjoy the photo overload!

This was so funny. Anthony was trying to pick her up and carry her on his shoulders. She wouldn't move her legs so was just sitting perched on top of his head and thought it was hilarious. (which it was hah)


Laying on a hillside with Coach.

This year, Thanksgiving fell on Mimi and Coach's 38th wedding anniversary! There could not be better role models for raising a loving family and maintaining a beautiful marriage. 

Happy anniversary- we love you so much!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Taste by the Bay 2015

Year 3 of chairing Taste by the Bay has come and gone, and I daresay it seemed to be the most successful yet!

 I say that based on the fabulous weather with which we were blessed and therefore the throngs of people pouring in to the point where I think we surpassed the previous limit we had loosely set, just because everything was still running incredibly smoothly. Everyone just seemed to know where to be and what to do this year and the day of felt pretty darn easy.

You can see previous year's posts for 2013 and 2014, and I'm locked into it for 2016 so there will be at least one more to come!

 and as you can see, I got just a bit of a workout throughout the day : ) 

Thanks to family and friends for continuing to support this event, and to our sweet Donna for once again keeping baby girl (especially given her sickly/fussy state this year!).