Wednesday, October 29, 2014

6 Months

6 months

Holy. Cow.
Umm.... how do I have a 6 month old?? Didn't I just have a baby like, I don't know, 6 minutes ago or something?! I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how OLD 6 months sounds to me when I think about how fast this has happened, and know it will only continue. Ugh.
So our 6 month appointment isn't until next week - based on our appointments throughout the month for the series of ear infections, we know that you're weighing in around 17.5 pounds, and I'm sorry my darling, it seems you've shrunk a bit and only measured 25 inches at last check! : ) I'll update these stats next week.
We're still trying to use up our size 2 diaper stash but if I'm being perfectly honest, we should have switched you to size 3's about a week ago. The 2's are getting mighty snug...

Carter's 6 month clothes fit you to a tee, but you've started getting a bit long for some of your 6 month jammies. I'm sure we'll be trying on some 6-9 month things here soon. Those little chunky legs of your are quite challenging when shimmying into skinny jeans. Your Dad and I call them your "chunkles" (chunky ankles). You'll love that when you get older.

We got started on a little oatmeal this month and after the first two sessions, you caught on like a champ and are doing so well with it! I think we're gearing up for some palate expansion here soon. Still doing four 8 ounce bottles per day. You're still a drool monster but the pediatrician says your little gums aren't even hard yet so no teeth on our horizon.

You've learned to splash so the baby bath tub is now sitting in the big tub. I miss being able to comfortably stand while I give your bath, but it's really helped reduce my post-bath clean up time!

Your hair is coming in a little lighter these days, and I hate to say it, but I think a little hair trim is in your near future, thanks to your ever growing baby mullet. Anthony calls her a "retired Canadian hockey player", because she has a baldish spot on the back of her head, thin hair on the sides, and a raggedy little mullet creeping down her neck. It's ridiculous... and hilarious.

Thanks to those ear infections, sleep has not been our favorite for the past month or so, and now we're not sure what the new "norm" is for you anymore. You go to bed between 7:30/8 pm and don't wake up for the day until somewhere between 7 and 8 am, buuuttttt you wake a few times per night between those hours. I'm not even sure you're really awake, but you "sleep fuss" until we reinsert your paci. We've kind of been waiting to make sure the ear infections are really cured before tackling the sleep issue; the last thing we want is to try to "toughen you up" when you're not feeling your best!
I'm a little concerned about permanent damage that those ear infections may have caused to your hearing, because you little weird- you love, love, LOVE for me to sing to you, and believe me, Mama is no singer. You still really like Pattacake (mostly just the clapping part), and this month, your absolute favorite has been "The wheels on the bus". When you're feeling fussy and I'm trying to get through a diaper or clothing change, that song can go on for quite some time and some extremely creative verses have been composed AND sung so often that Anthony and I both know the words to the made up verses. It gets interesting yall.
In addition to songs, you also love bouncing. Whether we throw you in the air (just a little, you don't like to go too high), shake the pack and play, bounce you on the bed or just on our knee (I know, we're the portrait of safety), you smile and giggle. You dig peek a boo and we find silly ways to "hide" from you. Oh I love this too: if someone's not paying attention to you, you stare at them grinning until they look at you. It's hilarious.

You like being outside now that it's not all hot and bright out like during the summer. We walk to the mailbox in the evenings so you can look around and check things out.
You've started reaching for just about everything, including always wanting to touch our faces when we're rocking you at night. It's so sweet.
You still do your "baby yell" and you make lots of "mmmm" sounds but I just know I'll still hear a "dada" first.  : )  Actually you've been talking a lot more in general since getting those ear infections treated and there's no better sound than your babble and giggles.  

A few nights ago we had one of my favorite moments to date. We had gotten home from dinner at Mimi and Coach's, and while Anthony was showering, I was giving Lawter her nighttime bottle while propped up in bed, with Dancing with the Stars on in the background. After her bottle, I was stalling til Ant got out of the shower because I knew he'd want to give her some bedtime snuggles before I put her down, so I propped her up on the pillow next to me and we both snuggled up with her blanket. She'd alternate between watching DWTS and glancing over at me to make sure I was still there, and when she'd look at me, she'd just smile and giggle, like she knew she was being a big girl and hanging out with me : ) It was so cute. Moments like that help make me less sad about my tiny baby growing up, and more excited for all the "big girl" things we'll grow into and be able to do together.


I say this every month and will continue to do so for the rest of my life I'm sure- but you are just becoming the funniest, most adorable little person with your own personality and wonderful traits and faces and laughs and life with you just gets more and more fun each day!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

weekend catch up/photo dump

Just a little photo catch up from the past few days!
I didn't do a great job documenting the weekend. In addition to the events shown, there was lots of family time, including dinner with Grandad and Gigi, brunch with Granley and Pappy on the water, Sunday afternoon'ing at the river, and shopping trips and dinner with Mimi, Coach and Donna.
It was a fun one!
My parents took Lawter to visit my grandparents.
and Lawter finally got to meet my Aunt Jackie! 

Love our Fridays together so much. ESPECIALLY after a busy week.

I try not to be too baby overload obnoxious on social media so while I shared one photo last Friday for my #fridayswithlawtie pic, the below outtakes were cute of her and I wanted to share those here!

reaching. for. EVERYTHING.

Church on Sunday means extra cuteness with baby lady bug shoes (thanks Holly!)
can you even stand it??
Those lips.
Beautiful afternoon for a beer and baby bottle at Merroir.

Oatmeal is going great!

My mom, Donna and I went baby consignment shopping and picked up some cute items for Lawtie, and I scored a like-new jumper for $10! She's still getting used to it.



Sunday, October 26, 2014

Daddy-Daughter Fall Pics

This home photo session, if it can even be called that, was poorly planned and we quickly gave up when our poor kid face planted into the mulch. (ooops)
However, I'm pretty in love with the shots of Anthony and Lawter, when he scooped her up to call it quits and head back inside.
I have the prettiest people.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday

Whew!  What. A. Week.
I feel like I've said that for the past few, but alas, it still remains true.
After spending almost every evening out this week, I am SO looking forward to a (hopefully) low key weekend and lots of time with my people.

Feeding time for baby. (and I'm an idiot)

Our pediatrician stated months ago that she's a firm believer in waiting til 6 months for food, unless there are reasons why you should do otherwise. Fine by us. We've been in no hurry at all to get into that, and planned on learning/preparing at our 6 month appointment, when she's tell us how to proceed.

Due to our frequent chats here lately with our ped because of these ear infections, she told us to go ahead and get rolling with in, as Lawter will be 6 months next week. (whaaaaaa???) I told her I wasn't particularly interested in rice cereal because of some things I've read about it being highly glycemic, and asked about oatmeal. She said sure. So I'm sitting there picturing Lawter and Anthony sharing bites of his instant oatmeal in the morning, and realized I should ask her if it mattered what kind, like instant or rolled or whatever.

Our pediatrician is fortunately a friend, so she didn't immediately call child services on me for being a moron, gave me a slightly exasperated look while trying not to laugh and told me to get back in the exam room for further discussion. I then went to the store and bought BABY oatmeal. duhhhh.

I felt really dumb about it, and of course Anthony was dying when I told him, but then I read my Lucie's List newsletter this week about rice krispies and I feel all better now : )

Moving on. We've had a few oatmeal sessions so far and each one is a little more well received. These are some pics from the first one. Started off well; the ending, not so much.



(taken the day before I went into labor!)
Confession: This week, I've really been missing being pregnant.
I have quite a few really close friends expecting at the moment, in addition to the countless announcements that flood my facebook feed daily. Additionally, with the chillier temps I've been wearing some pieces that I just have such strong memories of wearing this time last year, when our pregnancy news was brand new and just among our families and I was on the lookout for any sign of the little bump that was our baby. My pregnancy was a great experience and I just feel really nostalgic about it!

After a week of makeshift/frozen/picked up meals, I'm itching to do some good home cooking and have done a little Pinterest browsing for inspiration.  A few that are up for consideration:
This Creamy Butternut, Bacon and Leek Pappardelle pasta (I always love everything on How Sweet Eats!), and she suggested swapping out the leeks for brussel sprouts, which is probably what I'll do.
I love the looks of this Sweet Potato Crusted Spinach Quiche

And finally, good luck leaving Pinterest without a sweet treat on your mind, right?!
Before heading out to a social function early one evening, we decided to take a few pics of Lawtie with the fall d├ęcor at the end of our driveway.
She doesn't sit by herself yet and where we propped her up was kind of on a hill.... and she may or may not have fallen sideways and gotten a head full of mulch. #parentingfail
She was a great sport about it. I'll share more of those pics later.

Happy Baby.

I took this video while in the checkout line of Food Lion last weekend because home girl was sooo happy that she'd been smiling at and talking to every shopper we passed. It was so darn cute.


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