Monday, September 29, 2014

Lawter: 5 Months

Lawtie girl, our sweet, funny FIVE month old baby!

No doctor's appointment this month so we're estimating/guessing stats:
Weight: based on holding you on the scale, you're around 15 lbs
Length: I'm thinking a hair over 25 inches
Each month you are more and more fun, and getting to know your little personality and watch you grow and learn is without a doubt the most joyful experience of our lives!
{Lawtie wasn't so interested in this photo session}

Sizing: We started size 2 diapers a few days after she turned 4 months and are still in those. Up until about 3 weeks ago, we were still wearing our 3 month dresses and some of our 3 month jammies but in the past week or so, anything 3 month that I've tried on you most definitely no longer fits, so we're rocking some 3-6 month things and Carter's 6 month size is a great fit.

Being between sizes and between seasons has been challenging for us. We were outfitted to a tee for summer with our cute nautical wardrobe but we're totally lacking in the pants department now that it's chillier out. We've had a hard time with 3-6 month clothes, some being way too small - like something that she could have worn in the beginning of the 0-3 month stage, and with some other outfits the tops have been huge and sleeves too long and such. We just ordered a few new Carter's things online last week and are anxiously checking the mail for their arrival.

You're a drooling machine and love to eat your hands. Speaking of your little baby hands, you are really starting to hold your bottles when they get light enough, and your Daddy caught you putting in your own pacifier during a car ride! We actually did some practicing yesterday with the paci and when we'd hold it out in front of you, you'd concentrate so hard and take it in both of your hands, then quickly jam it up to your face. The first time you did this- you smashed your paci into your nose and held it there while working your little mouth- I guess hoping you were close and could work it in. We were crying with laughter watching this. Fortunately you got better as the day went on and could pick it up and get it right in your mouth most of the time!

That precious auburn'ish hair thinned on the sides a bit, and you have a sparse patch on the back of your head, but you're still looking good from the front girl. : )

Favorite toys this month include Mr. Octopus (the hanging one), Hungry Caterpillars - the rattle and the big hanging guy, O'ball, you're starting to dig Sophie the Giraffe, and the big favorite: the crinkle book from Mimi. Especially when in the car seat, I give it to her and she loves to "read" in the car. (translation: hit it and crinkle it so it makes fun noises).

You've done about 8 days in daycare, going two days a week, and seem to do well there, although I must admit that I LOVE when I go to scoop you after work and you light up when you see me : )  You're the littlest baby there, with the 3 or so others being closer to a year old, and some days are the ONLY baby there, which I kind of like because I know you're getting good snuggles on those days.

You giggle and squeal and belly laugh and make faces, you love "rough housing" with us, we pull you across the bed and blow raspberries on your belly and kiss all over you and you entertain us with squeals of delight.
She still loves to swat at hanging toys on her arch and will go nuts trying to grab them all at one time. She gets so excited and pumps her little legs and some of them chime or rattle and it's just a little symphony of baby toys and her squeals. So cute! Also, she still LOVES to stand. She really does stand and balance on those strong little legs with crazy little support from us.
I haven't written too much about it on here but family and friend readers know our concerns with tummy time and Lawter's interest, or lackthereof, in being mobile.
While she's steadily improved with her tolerance of tummy time, she just didn't seem to care about moving or playing from her tummy position and would never do anything different- just hold herself up and look around for a good while, then put her face down and fuss til we picked her up. I know the window for development is huge at this age, but after her torticollis diagnosis and talks with baby PT's, I was really stressing over deciding if we should be doing more/something different. 

Well, maybe last Tuesday or Wednesday, during tummy time she started walking her feet up so that her little baby booty would stick up in the air, then a day or two later she'd fall to the side after walking her feet up, and on Friday- she rolled!! I was pretty loud with my excitement the first time and am pretty sure I scared her hah, but after I calmed down I put her back on her tummy a few times so she could keep practicing her new trick and she was all like "Oh, this? Rolling? Yea, no big deal" and kept doing it!

Lawtie's been a weird little eater this month. A few days after she turned 4 months, we upped her bottles to 8 oz. She'd previously been killing 7 oz, bottles, 4 times per day. She spent a few days doing ok with 8 oz, sometimes finishing them, sometimes quitting at 6-7 oz.  Then all of a sudden she wouldn't even come close to finishing a bottle. We spent a week or two doing 3 oz here, another 2 oz. there because she seemed hungry, etc. It was annoying to say the least. Didn't really seem to affect her sleep so we just said ok, it's a phase. In the past few days she's gotten back to consistently finishing 6-7 ounces, 4 times per day. 
HOWEVER- the sleeping. Oh yall, we have been so, so spoiled. Our previously perfect little sleeper has been waking during the night for the past 10 out of 11 nights. The first few nights, we fed her a few times, but quickly learned that on the other nights, replacing a paci would do the trick. For the past three nights, we replaced the paci two or three times over the course of an hour or two, but eventually out of exhaustion I just pick her up and drag the rock and play into our room and she sleeps in that without making a peep the rest of the night. That proves that she's not hungry, and she doesn't even have the paci in when she's in our room so we're still trying to trouble shoot the problem here. Hopefully just a phase??
Our bedtime routine includes a bottle between 7/7:30 pm, followed by reading a few books in the nursery and down around 8 pm, then she sleeps til about 7:30 am- whether she wakes during the night or not.

After hearing a scary story that left us uneasy, a few weeks ago we purchased a Levana baby movement monitor/alarm that alarms if baby stops breathing/has irregular breathing for a certain period of time. Last week it went off at 3 am and you've never seen two people shoot up and out of bed and across the house any faster than we did. Lawter was fine and I'm sure it was just the monitor becoming dislodged or something. We do sleep better knowing that extra little precaution is in place.
It sounds so cliché but she really does get more and more fun each day.
And if possible, cuter too : )



Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Cuteness

Just in case you somehow forgot how about this adorableness.

As if, right?

Obnoxious, over proud mama?

Did I use that right?? I can't keep up with the kids these days.
Oh my sweet drooly faced Muffin, how I love you so.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Weekly Meals...and a whole bunch of other food

These pics of recent meals are so terrible, I actually wouldn't be sharing this post with you at all except for the fact that last night's dinner was met with an embarrassing amount of praise from Anthony.
I say embarrassing because it was so easy, and it was cheap, so I thought it was only right to share.
As I'm on a mission to cut my grocery spending and better use the ingredients I do purchase, I'm getting creative with freezer/pantry items we already have.
Earlier in the week, we had a super simple dinner of penne pasta with my mom's homemade spaghetti sauce from the freezer. I went ahead and cooked extra penne and saved the leftover sauce we didn't use, with plans for a rainy night baked pasta dish.
I also had half of a package of sausage leftover from a weekend breakfast, so I cooked that up with some garlic, Italian seasoning and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes (because *someone* hasn't hooked us up with the family homemade Italian sausage in a while... Pappy I'm looking at you).
Using the leftover spaghetti sauce, penne, and cooked/drained/crumbled sausage, I added a can of Italian tomatoes (drained out most of the liquid), some shredded Italian cheese blend, and a few handfuls of fresh baby spinach. Baked on 350 for 45'ish minutes perhaps (can't be too accurate when you're juggling a baby during dinner cooking!), and sprinkled a little fresh basil from the garden on top before eating.
Anthony RAVED about this. Like I said, I was kind of embarrassed because it was so easy but hey, whatever works. I think I'll make it up in a few portions for a freezer dish next time!
This was an overly decadent weekend night meal we enjoyed.
NY Strip with these awesome mushrooms, asparagus, roasted red potatoes and seared scallops.
(hey two weeks of chicken required major red meat :) ha)
Using the leftover scallops (which were sale),
we had lemony tilapia, bacon wrapped scallops and roasted asparagus.
 And of course, we had to do a little something to welcome the first day of Fall, so I made these cute little (and very simple) Mini Apple Crisps for us one night for dessert.
Ummm so I just found a folder of food pics/ links that I'm really not quite sure how long I've been setting aside... can I just go ahead and randomly share them all here and now?
Yes? Great, thanks.
You can have some dinner ideas!
I love anything she's cooking.
Crabmeat- spinach- parmesan omelet. Yummy combo.

Fish tacos with blood orange or grapefruit salsa is a summer staple in our house.

Dutch oven seared and baked pork chop with oven roasted parmesan brussel sprouts.


Chicken, Asparagus and Bacon Skillet with twice baked potatoes

Key West grilled chicken, steamed sweet potato, garlic asparagus


Fried chicken and waffles with maple syrup and texas pete butter.

White cheddar, Granny Smith apple and bacon grilled cheese

Favorite Summer Corn Salad.

Shrimp and Grits
I rarely make it the same way twice and don't really use a recipe anymore but this is one that I kind of learned off of and have saved in my Pepperplate.

Crockpot Chicken Tacos sure were easy enough.

Oh my gosh, this one is so random and is thrown in here because this is how I found Anthony making a PB&J one day. He doesn't get why I think this is strange.
And kind of adorable.

These Mexican Shrimp Tacos are the bomb. I could eat these every night.

I so enjoyed all the unwanted tomatoes from family and friends' gardens this summer.
Simple fresh salsa for me.

I'm not going to lie to you. I love Taco Bell.
Ain't no shame.

(did you enjoy my finger in the above photo? really gave the shot a little something extra, don't ya think?)
Fortunately/unfortunately, we live in the sticks so we're not close to one.
Anthony depises Taco Bell.

But he did like these Crunchwrap Supremes.
I probably read two or three recipes and combined parts that I liked so just make it your own using the basic idea.