Thursday, August 27, 2015

Carter + Rachel: Colorado Wedding

We flew out (super) bright and early last Thursday morning to go to Boulder for Carter and Rachel's wedding weekend! We saw them in Virginia over the past year, but the last time we went to visit them in Denver was in December 2013 so it was great to get another chance to head out their way!

It was a fabulously fun weekend, and we stayed on the go for the entirety of it, making the most of our travels. (whew, time change, long travel days, altitude, three consecutive late nights with aforementioned time change- we were some tired puppies by the end of it all!)

It was all so worth it, to be with these sweet friends on one of their most special days!

We kicked off the weekend with a meet up at a cool local brewery, Avery Brewing. When Carter and Rachel lived in DC, we spent many a weekend visiting them and getting to know their friends and over the years, spent quite a bit of time with some of these groups, so we knew a lot of the people that came into town for the wedding weekend. It was so much fun to see so many old friends out there, most of whom we hadn't seen in a few years.  

Friday we headed down to the Pearl Street downtown mall area for some window shopping, sight seeing, a fabulous lunch at Salt and a walk around the gorgeous University of Colorado campus

Rehearsal Dinner at yet another cool brewery, BRU

Mini cookie ice cream sandwiches. Yum. 

Saturday: Boulder Farmer's Market 

Hiking in Chatauqua Park 

Anthony, me, Brett and Tracz, becoming one with nature. 
(yea right- a tiny bird darted out from a bush and scared the living daylights out of all of us at one point haha)

and finally, the beautiful wedding, set deep in the Allen Thicke (inside joke from the weekend) of the mountains at Lyonscrest Manor. 

Best buds. 

Me with the beautiful bride!

Back at home, best airport greeting ever. 

Complete with fancy pants purse carrying, of course. 

Congratulations Chandlers!
Wonderful weekend to celebrate a wonderful couple! xo

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Major Photo Dump

Welll heyyyyyy!

One of these days maybe I'll actually do regular, thought out posts with real words and stuff again. Until then, enjoy some three week old camera pics while I try to catch up with my life.

We went away for four days, came home Sunday night, worked Monday, then I left home at 4 am Tuesday to drive to Maryland for a meeting and back in the evening. I need a two day nap.

Ahh this was a really long time ago. I've become a photo hoarder!

Documenting what I thought was a rather nicely done updo day

And then I couldn't resist documenting this particularly...ummm "undone" do of Lawtie's

I blame Mimi for this babe's iphone skills 

Snuggles with Coach 

Riding Bumpy with Gigi's help 

Fish face?

Styling, courtesy of Auntie Frantz

Daytime wedding wear 

Did I already share how much I've been loving this Target dress? Just wore it again for a casual rehearsal dinner a few nights ago! 

Child loves her chairs. 

She's so fancy. 

Couldn't help myself. 

Mimi and Muffin matching in their white pants 

Carting with Great Granddaddy 

Some pics my Mom sent us while we were away. hehe 

If you're still following, you must be a grandparent or an aunt... because even I can admit that this is an overload of sub-par phone pics of my kid. But that doesn't mean that I don't love each and every one of them : ) 

Fresh and mostly baby free material coming your way tomorrow.  Scout's honor.