Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Taste by the Bay 2014

 So the 2nd Annual Taste by the Bay has come and gone! It was a great success and I'm immensely proud of the hard work and participation of all involved!
Ok, enough of my Chairwoman PR spiel. It was a great day, a great time, and it's a great relief that it's done for another year. Cheers to another successful event! 


Janet and Marsha lounging poolside : )





Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday

This week has been NUTS.

You may have noticed the absence of Anthony and Lawter in the weekend's wedding pics- that's because little miss got sick and they didn't meet me there as planned : (.  We ended up in the peds office this week and have yet another ear infection. So there's that.

I've also been gearing up for this weekend's big event that I chair and I'm so excited - we've worked hard for months and it should be a fabulous time! That being said...


I'm also reaalllllly looking forward to this event being over. It's a lot of work for me and I have a big work transition coming up with my job and need the extra time to focus on that. Also, I've missed my Fridays with Lawtie this month : (  I get to spend the first half of the day with her today then have event duties to see to, so I'm excited to get back some special days with my girl.

(last Friday's pic)


Additionally, when this event is over, I think it's time to bust out some Christmas things. I've been slowly packing away fall décor and general home décor to make way and I'm hoping this Sunday we get a start on it. Mom and I picked up the new Chestnut Praline Latte while doing a Target run last week and it felt all festive and got me in the mood.

My bestie made some big news public this week! So incredibly excited for Baby Coulsting!

Photo by Amanda Manupella Photography


Anthony is going to have sinus surgery next week. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers - poor guy hasn't been able to breathe-smell-taste properly for several years now, and after way too many inhalers, steroids and antibiotics, he started exploring this option when we were expecting Lawter but the timing was never right. Our Thanksgiving will likely be extremely low key as he recovers but the goal is for him to get this over with and be able to fully enjoy Christmas festivities.


That's really all I've got so let's just enjoy some random Lawtie cuteness.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kelly and Collins tie the knot

Still recovering from a very busy, very fun, and VERY special weekend celebrating one of my oldest friend's getting married!
Kelly and Collins' wedding weekend in Cape Charles was fabulous, I had so much fun with my girls and I can't wait to see the professional pics- everything was seriously gorgeous, especially the bride! The décor/theme was a wonderful combination of rustic-farmhouse-natural wood style with elegant gold-ivory-champagne-blush colors. I loved it. The DIY was all fantastic too. Here are some shared photo stream pics uploaded from various friends!
Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Doyle!