Tuesday, April 22, 2014

36 weeks

As of Sunday, we are 36 weeks along on this ride!
9 months. Yikes.
I'm glad I didn't do a post about pregnancy last week because it may have been a really whiney (and annoying) one. That sinus infection compounded with all my other minor late in the game pregnancy symptoms (acid reflux, general achiness, baby movement pains) and just made me kind of miserable, something I have not been at all throughout this pregnancy. I was so sad and worried that I'd be like that throughout the next month but alas, a night or two of actual sleep and a pretty much cured sinus infection later, and I'm back to feeling really good and energetic and suprisingly comfortable- same as before!

Starting with today's appointment, I will see my doctor every week until baby comes, and have a physical exam, which today showed that I'm 1 cm dilated! hah  
It's not such a big deal, as my doc says the first 3 cm are usually pretty darn slow, but the look of alarm on Anthony's face was pretty great. : )  And I guess it's good news that my body is showing signs of knowing what to do! (not that we're in any hurry for this to happen. feel free to hang out for a few more weeks baby girl, we don't mind you staying in there for a bit!)

Up a few more pounds, putting me around the 20 pound weight gain point. I was actually surprised it wasn't a little more as I can FEEL my size increasing by the day so it must be reflected on the scale.
As I mentioned, sleep is hopefully back on the up and up, although the acid reflux did make a return appearance last night. I just popped my tums and propped myself up with some pillows and went back to snoozing so it wasn't miserable like before. And my doctor told me this morning it's fine to take something else for it if I need to in order to get some sleep.
Needless to say, fitnessing did not take place last week. In addition to being sick, the weather kind of sucked most of the week so I didn't feel too guilty. I still stayed plenty active doing my spring cleaning over the weekend, cooking, organizing, etc. Even when sick and tired, couch potato just isn't my nature. (I did however learn that vacuuming baseboards and swiffer wet jetting the entire house while 9 months pregnant is a recipe for severe lower back pain by evening. yowza.)
Yesterday I was back to rocking out a quick outdoor 3 mile walk with my trusty Pandora station and it felt awesome. 
Is my clothing all maternity? bahahahha. Umm yes. Yes it is. The same maxi dresses and skirts are on frequent rotation and even lounge clothes and pjs are pretty much limited to the maternity variety. Thank goodness for a few good Old Navy sales and promo codes.
Fortunately the feet/ankle swelling I experienced after my shower at Mom's house seems to still be an isolated incidence, and hands, feet, etc. have been fine ever since!
Baby movement has become a bit painful, as she is REALLY working those little legs and feet now. There is always a little bulge poking out of the left side of me these days, some form of knees/legs/feet. It's so funny (and weird!).
Our little nursery is just about DONE! We've leaving a little room for things we'll want to add once she's here, and my mom is working on something we've requested, but otherwise, that space is just ready to roll in all its preciousness! I promise pictures and a post are on my to do list, I'm excited to share our little project!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Ahhh, last night was my first "good" night's sleep in over a week! It was glorious.
Restroom visits every 2 hours (as opposed to the every 45 minutes I'd been experiencing lately) and NO 2 am acid reflux incidents! Still kicking the last of this sinusy ickiness but overall, I'm one happy lady today! It's amazing what a little sleep can do to improve life! 
It was a nice, productive weekend with lots of little things accomplished, including a pretty thorough spring cleaning of the house, my car got baby-ready, and the baby's room is pretty much finished!
But first thing's first: Easter!
Due to my aforementioned sickliness, I think Anthony preferred me staying closer to home and not being out about about traveling all day so we ended up spending Easter with my family. (sorry Richmond family, missed you!)
We went to church, took obligatory Easter morning selfies, and enjoyed coffee and donuts before heading over to my parents' for a big family lunch.

It's quite the rare occasion that me and my siblings all have our significant others present for a holiday/family function so it was a really fun and special time, all being together!

My mama's lovely festive d├ęcor.

Still get Easter baskets. Love it.
(although I will note that it now consists of items for the baby. our new life. : ) hah)

 Loads of great food. Super pumped to have leftovers in my fridge right now and know that I'm off the hook for cooking for at least one night, if not two.

I made up some cute and easy Oreo truffle "eggs", similar to the Candy Cane Oreo Balls I did at Christmas.

Jess's boyfriend Luke's sister, her husband and kids joined us for the day and the kids livened up the event with a rowdy Easter egg hunt, crafted by my Mom, aka grandma-in-training.
It was seriously entertaining for all.

{Jack and LeAn}

{Jessi and Luke}

{Ant and Donna}


Great day with my great fam!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Randoms

If I'm being totally honest, it's been a bit of a rough week. After a jam packed (fun!) weekend, we spent the first part of the week having back to back evening plans (maternity pics, Amos Lee show, Marchetti family over for dinner) during which I didn't really sleep for a few nights thanks to severe acid reflux, etc. I then ended up with a sinus infection and am now on anti-biotics. Ugh. I've felt a bit pitiful and am hopefully on the mend, as there are lots of things I'd like to get checked off my to do list soon!
I'm already feeling a little better today, thanks to some home cooking delivered by my sweet parents last night. Homemade chicken and dumplings and pound cake with berries - my mama is the best. xo
Being sick and trying to rest up at home has given me some time to get a few little baby tasks done, like fixing up some little DIY drawer organizers 
We got a new baby cousin this week!
My cousin Justin and his wife Jess welcomed Finley Katherann on Thursday!
In my uncomfortably sick state, I was dangerously close to inflicting bodily harm to someone in Wal-Mart yesterday after a long visit to customer service when of all days, they FINALLY started carrying my Blue Bell favorite.
I've been checking their freezer section since last summer, to no avail (but I have, in the meantime, developed quite a love for their banana pudding flavor).
Well played Wal-Mart, well played.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend, staying close to home getting a few house things done with Ant, resting up to kick the rest of my sickness and spending some time with family for Easter.
Happy weekend!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Maternity Shots

I've been back and forth in an internal debate regarding maternity pics for the past few months. On one hand, this is obviously a very special time in our lives and I wanted to document the awesomeness of this big baby belly and how incredibly happy it makes us : )  But then sometimes I'd feel silly and narcissistic for wanting them and worry that it'd be too cheesy.
Ultimately I decided to chat with my super sweet and talented friend and photographer, Anne-Sophie,  who I knew would help us achieve exactly what we wanted, which was something comfortable and natural.
We love these shots she captured so much, thank you Anne-Sophie!
They're just what we had in mind, a few sweet and simple shots of us as happy soon-to-be-parents!
{35 weeks of belly}