Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday randoms

I usually save all my random stuff for a Friday post, but tomorrow *someone* is FOUR months old, so a baby update post will be coming your way (if it gets written, that is...).
Fridays with Mama
including some sweet snuggle naps, complete with baby arm chunk, of course.
Ant participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge, in memory of his Great Uncle Meatball, a truly wonderful and impressive man, gone too soon from ALS.

Hanging out with Coach and Mimi

 Tummy time workouts

Between this song and Shake it off, I feel like a total teenager these days with my in-car musical selections.

Oh, so I've been meaning to share this! I learned about a new app a few weeks ago called Tiny Beans and our families are totally digging it. It's free and kind of like a private Instagram for your family/whoever you invite. We upload pics of Lawter straight from our phones, aim for at least one a day, and it's automatically shared with our families so there's no more spending time remembering who we texted a pic to that day or forgetting someone! (there's a web browser for it too, for anyone who isn't into the smartphone viewing)
It's nice for us too because it keeps track of pics on a calendar so you know when they were taken. I love when my Mom has her for the day and uploads cute pics like this one, so I can see what she's doing when I'm missing her all day.
Monday nights seem to have become family dinner night at my parents'.
This week there was a big crowd, including the twins who showed off some fab dance moves.
Mid-week cookout with friends.
Our friends Jack and Meredith, who moved to St. Kitt's about a year and a half ago, finally sold their house here and are back to pack up and move out for good. They hosted a fun get together for one last hoorah at the house. Lawtie girl rocked her sweet baby dark denims and white cotton embroidered top, courtesy of Aunt Kristen and Uncle Jakie. She looked adorbs and says thanks yall : )
Virginia oysters have gotten some serious press lately and Anthony's work has been at the center of the buzz. Last week we hung out with a senator, then later in the week, Ant rubbed elbows with the governor, both at the mansion and at RRO. Fancy, huh?

and finally, these pics have been circulating for almost a year now, popping up in Food Network magazine, Garden and Gun, and thanks to my Mom spotting it last week, now in the September issue of Southern Living. hehe
(yes, that's 1/10th of my face, HA!)
Happy my Friday to you all!
(is that totally obnoxious? yes? sorry.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lawtie does DC

Lawtie made her first trip North on 95 to meet some of her Dad's bffs... and to experience firsthand the misery that is that traffic... ugh.
The newly engaged (!!) Carter and Rachel were in town from Denver for a wedding
and Lawtie got to do lunch and bloodymary's with Tracz  : )
Long, rainy day of travel but so fun to introduce our new addition to some great friends!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A & O's 3rd Birthday

We spent a fun Friday night celebrating the 3rd birthday of these two hilarious little ladies.
Feels like just yesterday we were celebrating their 1st birthdays and watching them smash cake into their faces/hair/eyes!!

Jamie and Heather hosted a sweet little family cookout and it was a beautiful evening with great food, cold beers and cute kids.

Lawtie having a meltdown.
Fortunately this was quickly followed by a little catnap, then she was fine.