Friday, August 29, 2014

Lawter: 4 Months

This sweet girl just gets cuter and cuter.
(I know, that's what ALL parents say. But seriously. Look at this face. Do you not agree?!)

According to today's pediatrician appointment (complete with shots : ( poor little lady),
Lawter weighs 14 pounds and 1 ounce, and is 24.75 inches.

She's climbing the growth chart in both departments perfectly!

She's still in 0-3 month clothes, maybe because summery dresses aren't terribly size specific, her little legs are stretching her jammies a bit I guess so probably time to pull out the 3-6 ones. We have so many 0-3 month clothes that I'm still trying to get in, I'm not ready to move to a new size! But as my mom recently pointed out, she's 4 months now so if I don't start wearing the 3-6 things that are warm weathery then I'm going to miss the boat on those as well! She doesn't really have cooler weather clothes, only a couple of items, so I'm already on the lookout for 6-9 and 9-12 month things. We've spent the month in size 1 diapers, but are starting her on size 2's in a few days when the 1's run out. I recently bought some nighttime diapers in size 2 because I knew we'd be transitioning soon anyways and we've been putting those on her at bedtime since she's sleeping long stretches.

She loves to smile and have her smiles returned. Especially first thing in the morning.

Lawter's great at solo play time. She'll hang out in her crib before or after nap time, or in the morning when she wakes, and just talk and coo to herself and pump her arms and legs and look at her mobile. Often, we can plop her down in the crib for a nap when she seems sleepy and watching on the monitor, will see that she'll either go to sleep immediately or maybe play quietly for a few before dozing off.

Knock on wood, she's an amazing sleeper and seems to enjoy the soothing routine of her crib, both for naps and nighttime. We weaned her off of swaddling in the first week or two of her 3rd month so have just been zipping her up in her sleep sack for the past few weeks at nighttime. She gets put down somewhere around 8 pm (although we've been taking her to many social functions lately that have kept her "out" a bit later, bad parents), and wakes between 6:30 and 7:30 am. She woke up during the night maybe twice near the beginning of the month and I think we just gave her a paci and that was that. We'll see if that 4 month sleep regression thing I keep hearing about is an actual thing...

Once we realized that she was done with that night feeding, we upped her to 7 ounces of formula, 4 times a day. Around 7:30 am, noonish, 3-4ish, and 7-8ish. She's feeding well and is starting to routinely put her little baby hands gripping the bottle, so hopefully that's the start of good habits and she'll be interested in holding it herself as she gets bigger : )

This is going to sound like total jibberish, but it's like I can't decide if I have a hard time pinpointing when things happen or change with her because they happen so fast, or because they happen so gradually. Like trying to fill out baby books and document when the first smile and first laugh and that sort of thing happened- it all kind of runs together for some reason.

I have definitely noticed that between 3.5 and 4 months, her recognition of Mama and Daddy went to a whole new level. And it's the most awesome thing ever. For months she would react to our voices when we got home, and would calm down more quickly when one of us would hold her, but in the past few weeks she so clearly lights up when she sees us and becomes so animated and interactive.

When I get home from work and immediately steal her from whoever has been keeping her all day, she'll usually give me a big smile then stare in anticipation at my mouth, just waiting for me to start our "talking game."

(I make silly sounds and she parrots them back to me. She gets super excited and really into it)

She squeaks and squeals and makes all sorts of adorable sounds, and just a few weeks ago, we heard her first "big girl laugh". Not the mini giggle she'll use from time to time, but an actual laugh.

She also seems to have realized that little voice of hers has different volumes and sometimes her sweet angelic cooing and babble escalates to "baby yelling" status when she's excited.

She loves her mobile/arc thingy in the pack and play and that's her main play area right now. She loves swatting at, grabbing and sometimes violently hitting, the dangling toys. We put the Oball rattle, Mr. Octopus, and this cool chiming bird thing up there and she has a blast with "her guys", as we call them. She likes her mobile in her crib, and on her swing too.

Miscellaneous: She likes having raspberries blown on her belly, and Anthony plays a silly game of "Boo!" and hides behind her feet when she's laying down- she digs it. We've started sitting her up in her Bumbo seat a bit, and while we really don't use the swing that often (I'd say maaayyybe 2-4 days a week for 20-30 minutes), she's starting to "play" in it, as opposed to immediately take a nap in it, which is what she's always done in it up until this point. She's had strong little legs from the get go, she likes to "stand" up, and she can do so with surprisingly little support from us.

She's been an excellent sport, going on road trips and many, many outings with us. Tis the season I guess to constantly be going to cookouts and end of summer festivities, which because of the late daylight, tend to run fairly late. She's pretty tolerant and rolls with it.

Sweet girl, you are funny and precious and we can't get enough of you.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday randoms

I usually save all my random stuff for a Friday post, but tomorrow *someone* is FOUR months old, so a baby update post will be coming your way (if it gets written, that is...).
Fridays with Mama
including some sweet snuggle naps, complete with baby arm chunk, of course.
Ant participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge, in memory of his Great Uncle Meatball, a truly wonderful and impressive man, gone too soon from ALS.

Hanging out with Coach and Mimi

 Tummy time workouts

Between this song and Shake it off, I feel like a total teenager these days with my in-car musical selections.

Oh, so I've been meaning to share this! I learned about a new app a few weeks ago called Tiny Beans and our families are totally digging it. It's free and kind of like a private Instagram for your family/whoever you invite. We upload pics of Lawter straight from our phones, aim for at least one a day, and it's automatically shared with our families so there's no more spending time remembering who we texted a pic to that day or forgetting someone! (there's a web browser for it too, for anyone who isn't into the smartphone viewing)
It's nice for us too because it keeps track of pics on a calendar so you know when they were taken. I love when my Mom has her for the day and uploads cute pics like this one, so I can see what she's doing when I'm missing her all day.
Monday nights seem to have become family dinner night at my parents'.
This week there was a big crowd, including the twins who showed off some fab dance moves.
Mid-week cookout with friends.
Our friends Jack and Meredith, who moved to St. Kitt's about a year and a half ago, finally sold their house here and are back to pack up and move out for good. They hosted a fun get together for one last hoorah at the house. Lawtie girl rocked her sweet baby dark denims and white cotton embroidered top, courtesy of Aunt Kristen and Uncle Jakie. She looked adorbs and says thanks yall : )
Virginia oysters have gotten some serious press lately and Anthony's work has been at the center of the buzz. Last week we hung out with a senator, then later in the week, Ant rubbed elbows with the governor, both at the mansion and at RRO. Fancy, huh?

and finally, these pics have been circulating for almost a year now, popping up in Food Network magazine, Garden and Gun, and thanks to my Mom spotting it last week, now in the September issue of Southern Living. hehe
(yes, that's 1/10th of my face, HA!)
Happy my Friday to you all!
(is that totally obnoxious? yes? sorry.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lawtie does DC

Lawtie made her first trip North on 95 to meet some of her Dad's bffs... and to experience firsthand the misery that is that traffic... ugh.
The newly engaged (!!) Carter and Rachel were in town from Denver for a wedding
and Lawtie got to do lunch and bloodymary's with Tracz  : )
Long, rainy day of travel but so fun to introduce our new addition to some great friends!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A & O's 3rd Birthday

We spent a fun Friday night celebrating the 3rd birthday of these two hilarious little ladies.
Feels like just yesterday we were celebrating their 1st birthdays and watching them smash cake into their faces/hair/eyes!!

Jamie and Heather hosted a sweet little family cookout and it was a beautiful evening with great food, cold beers and cute kids.

Lawtie having a meltdown.
Fortunately this was quickly followed by a little catnap, then she was fine.